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Lymphedema is swelling that can occur after cancer treatment, circulatory disease and other conditions. The gold standard of care in the U.S. and internationally is "Complex Decongestive Therapy" (CDT). Our therapists have been certified in this superior method of lymphedema prevention and treatment. Angelo Rizzo MS,PT,CLT, TSI director, completed advanced CDT studies in Germany, under Dr. Foeldi, the physician who originated this method.

Cancer Related Fatigue

The number one most debilitating side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is fatigue. Even though scientific research strongly supports exercise as the most effective treatment for this type of fatigue, it remains largely under-treated or not treated at all. TSI's Cancer Fatigue Program, developed by Angelo Rizzo, a cancer survivor himself, has been dramatically improving the quality of life for other survivors during and after cancer treatments for the past 12 years.

Orthopedic Therapy

At Therapeutic Solutions, our goal is to achieve excellent therapeutic outcomes. Our physical therapists use advanced clinical skills and exercises combined with motivation, empathy and 37 years of orthopedic experience to help you heal. Whether your problem is neck or back pain, shoulder, knee or foot injury, total joint replacement or an athletic injury, we aim for exceptional patient satisfaction.


There is far more to building healthy bones and preventing falls and fractures than just taking pills or going for a walk. Angelo Rizzo MS, PT, CLT has served as president of the Georgia Chapter of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and has been instrumental in helping build strong bones for individuals with osteoporosis since 1988.